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Room to Grow
Bobby Newman, PhD, BCBA-D  
Licensed Psychologist
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Dana Reinecke, PhD, BCBA-D
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Bobby Newman is the Director of Room to
Grow.  He is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst,
Licensed Psychologist, and NYS Licensed
Behavior Analyst. Bobby is the first author on
eleven books regarding behavior therapy, the
philosophy of behaviorism, the autism spectrum
disorders, and utopian literature. He has
published over two dozen articles in
professional journals, as well as numerous
popular magazine articles and has hosted two
series of radio call-in shows. Bobby trains staff
and works directly with students in the home.  
He provides parent training and support
services.   A popular speaker, Bobby also
provides direct treatment, staff training and
consultation around the world, and has been
honored for this work by several parents and
professional groups. Bobby is past President of
the New York State Association for Behavior
Analysis and the Association for Science in
Autism Treatment.  Bobby is also a certified
personal trainer and marathoner and is an
Ambassador for the Great Sportsmanship
Dana Reinecke is a doctoral level
Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D) and
a New York State Licensed Behavior Analyst
(LBA).   Dana is an Assistant Professor and
Department Chair of the Department of Special
Education and Literacy at Long Island
University Post.  She is also co-owner of
SupervisorABA, an online platform for BACB
supervision curriculum, forms, and hours
tracking.  Dana provides training and
consultation to school districts, private
schools, agencies, and families for individuals
with disabilities.  She has presented original
research and workshops on the treatment of
autism and applications of ABA at regional,
national, and international conferences.  She
has published her research in peer-reviewed
journals, written chapters in published books,
and co-edited books on ABA and autism.  
Current areas of research include use of
technology to support students with and
without disabilities, self-management training
of college students with disabilities, and online
teaching strategies for effective college and
graduate education.  Dana is actively involved
in the New York State Association for Behavior
Analysis (NYSABA), and is currently serving as
President (2017-2018).